• Name: Tattsweya 'Tatty'
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Genin, later Chuunin
  • Village: Leaf
  • Chakra Natures: Fire and Earth

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  • Earth Style: Pillars of Pain- launches earth at an opponent but places four pillars around the opponent from which an array of jutsu can be launched from
  • Fire Style: Within the Shadows Jutsu- used after Earth Style: Pillars of Pain and uses the pillars to launch Fire from their shadows
  • Earth Style Barrier: Earth Prison Dome - an earth style dome surrounds the opponent and steals their chakra
  • Fire Style: Flame Dagger jutsu - Daggers made of fire, learned from Sojiro
  • Can open three chakra gates and uess a unique fighting style that was first created by Kagome, based loosly on a style Koji used, but different enough.

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