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Originally this was referred to as chapters 1-11 of Anji's Darkness. However, these first few chapters were later retconned to be called Anji Chronicles, to represent it being the first part of the overall story.

List of ArcsEdit


  • Proulouge, Episode 1

An introduction to Anji and his early days.

Chuunin Exams ArcEdit

  • Chapters 1-4, Episodes 1-8

The Team of Anji, Sojiro and Tatty are in the Chuunin Exams.

Stone Ninja Assassinations ArcEdit

  • Chapter 5, Episodes 9-10

Stone Ninja kill Anji's adoptive family and he's out for revenge, as his team is assigned alongside Anbu Shuhan.

Star Village Rage ArcEdit

  • Chapter 6-8, Episodes 11-16

2 years later, Anji, Sojiro and Tatty head to star Village..where things aren't what they seem..

Defection ArcEdit

  • Chapters 9-11, Episodes 16-24

Anji and Honzo defect to Orochimaru..but not without fights!

Deaths Edit

Character Name Arc in Which Death Occurred Place of Death Killer(s) Cause of Death
Haku Land of Waves arc Great Naruto Bridge Kakashi Hatake Lightning Cutter

Forms of Media AvailableEdit

  • Story
  • Anime


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  • The animation may in fact happen!