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Known UchihaEdit

List of Uchiha Clan members

Uchiha Clan Elders

Uchiha Council

  • Hajimaro- Head of Clan-92
  • Akihiko-ntelligent and Known for his speed-82
  • Itachi Jr-Like Itachi but puts clan first-77
  • Kichiro- Financial division head. Exceedingly lucky.-92
  • Sora- Arrogant but Childish, sense of humor means other Uchiha like him-77
  • Takeo- Enjoys battle, war hound.-77

Main Uchiha who aren't on Council

  • Aoi-nutcase bitter and jealous of his siblings, too unstable to be on the council,not crazy enough to throw in jail-92
  • Minoru-Strong, earth type with good heart even if he doesn't always show it. wishes to help the weak become strong.-82
  • Nori-Tough as nails and all about discipline and justice. head of Konoha police-82
  • Ragia-wise old veteran who is feared-77
  • Tadao- Bitter, mean and practically heartless. used to be kind.-82

Karin's Uchiha (Side Branch, aka "Dirty Blood")

  • Megumi
  • Shisui- bitter and wants the side branch to gain more respect
  • Yamamoto
  • Yoita

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